General Terms and Conditions

Membership Agreement

“I” means me as a Member of E|SPACES; “We” refers to both parties to this Agreement. “E|SPACES” means E|SPACES, INC., a Tennessee corporation, whose headquarters address is 4322 Harding Pike, Suite 417, Nashville, TN 37205.

Overview: E|SPACES is a community of business and professional members who agree to Work, Meet, Learn and Connect in an innovative environment. If I have paid for them as agreed, I will use the Membership benefits defined in my package in a reasonable, professional manner, considering the needs of other members of E|SPACES.


I will have access to use the E|SPACES facility and services at the following locations (and other locations as E|SPACES designates) for the period(s) of time included in the membership package I choose:

  • 4322 Harding Pike, Suite 417, Nashville, Tennessee
  • 1550 West McEwen Drive, Suite 300, Franklin, Tennessee
  • 651 East 4th Street, Chattanooga, TN 37403 (scheduled to open 5/1/18) My access to E|SPACES will be during Staffed Hours: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday, as well as outside of Staffed Hours on nights, weekends and holidays. I understand that access outside of Staffed Hours may not be available on occasion due to previously scheduled special events. I will have open access to my mailbox during Staffed Hours and outside of Staffed Hours regardless of the membership package I select and access will be provided by standard entry and security technology.

I’ll use E|SPACES to work by myself, to meet with others, to learn and to connect with other members. My guests are welcome to meet with me at E|SPACES if provided for in my membership package. However, should the same person meet with me regularly or work with my business as a contract worker or employee, they will be added to my membership account at the rate(s) then in effect. Guests are welcome during Staffed Hours only. Meetings in the shared work space areas are limited to 4 people. For meetings of more than 4, I am required to reserve a private meeting room. If access to open work space is part of my membership package, I have free use of a meeting room when it’s not reserved or being used by another member. If I am using a room that I have not reserved and another member reserves it, I will have 10 minutes to move to an alternative workspace.
I can reserve a meeting room in advance using the E|SPACES web site or by contacting staff, and pay the charge then in effect. I can make up to 5 reservations during any 7 day period without prior approval from E|SPACES. I can cancel reservations without charge by contacting E|SPACES staff up to 24 hours prior to the start of my meeting. If I cancel or change a reservation with less than 24 hours notice I will be charged the full cost of the reservation and will not receive a refund.
I understand that E|SPACES is not designed to accommodate children and I agree not to bring children except for brief visits such as to pick up my mail or make copies. E|SPACES staff members are not authorized to provide child care. Staff will be available to help me when I am at E|SPACES during Staffed Hours. I understand they cannot provide support for me that is not part of my membership package. E|SPACES is designed for individual and collaborative work, but the open work spaces are not suited for certain businesses or professions. Types of work that are not suited for E|SPACES include but are not limited to:

  • Therapists and professional counselors who provide individual and group therapy on a regular basis.
  • Medical professionals who see patients on a regular basis.
  • Any type of work requiring the continuous use of the facility for the majority of the workday on a regular basis. Translation: The open work spaces are not designed to be a place where people work 8 hours a day, five days a week. They are designed for mobile workers who tend to work in multiple locations. Dedicated work spaces are available for others.
  • Any retail activity other than the corporate office supporting retail activity in another location.
  • Any work which involves reselling E|SPACES services, such as re-selling free printing and copying or using the printing and copying services as a core element of a business. Member Responsibilities

I will respect the privacy of the other members. E|SPACES uses security technology to protect me and the other members of the center, and I’ll follow all safety and security rules. I will maintain a neat, clean and professional environment. I’ll use my earphones in public areas, and will use speakerphones and speaker only in an enclosed area. I’ll sign and provide such information and documents as are required by the US Postal Service in order to authorize delivery of my business mail to E|SPACES as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency under USPS regulations applicable to Office Business Centers. I authorize E|SPACES, in its capacity as a CMRA-OBC to provide information concerning my E|SPACES membership (commencement, active membership and termination) on a quarterly basis as required by USPS regulations. My behavior will be consistent with the law and standards of moral behavior. Neither I nor my guests will make unlawful copies of copyrighted materials, access adult web sites, or do anything else that is contrary to law or ethical business practices. I’ll refrain from doing anything that’s dangerous or creates a hazard. I’ll help the staff maintain a safe place for all the members and will immediately report any dangerous or hazardous situation I see.
I’ll report any problem, dissatisfaction or complaint directly to the staff. I’ll pay membership and other fees promptly as required. I will participate in a New Member Orientation before using the facility. I will not smoke nor will I allow my guests or employees and agents to smoke anywhere on the premises. LIABILITY: NEITHER E|SPACES NOR ITS BUILDING OWNER WILL BE LIABLE TO ME OR ANY OTHER MEMBER OR GUEST FOR CLAIMS OR DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING FOR ORDINARY OR GROSS NEGLIGENCE OR INTENTIONAL MISCONDUCT BY E|SPACES, I HEREBY AGREE TO DEFEND AND HOLD E[SPACES HARMLESS IN CONNECTION WITH SUCH CLAIMS.

E|SPACES Services E|SPACES staff will:

Greet guests. Accept and hold packages for pickup. Train me in the use of E|SPACES, including help with connecting to the wireless internet and using voice and video conferencing. Help me with using printers and copiers. Make referrals to preferred service providers for services not provided directly by E|SPACES. At my written request, scan and email to me US mail envelops I have received.

Membership Term and Payment of Fees The Membership Term is month-to-month beginning on the date of registration, except in the case of dedicated offices. My membership will automatically renew at the end of its Term unless I choose to terminate or change my membership package by contacting E|SPACES staff five business days before the end of the Term. If I terminate my membership before the end of the current Term, I’ll be able to use the access and member benefits remaining in my Term, but I will not be entitled to a refund of any unused portion of my membership. E|SPACES will bill all membership fees and other charges to the credit card or bank draft authorization I authorize. I will maintain a currently valid credit card account or bank draft or debit account authorization with E|SPACES to maintain my E|SPACES account as fully paid. In the event E|SPACES is unable to collect charges against the credit card or bank draft or debit account I have provided, E|SPACES will make one second attempt to secure payment against that credit card or bank account. If E|SPACES is unable to bill charges against that credit card or bank account for a second consecutive time, I will pay a service charge of $50.00 in addition to the outstanding balance of my account, and I agree that my membership privileges will be terminated unless E|SPACES agrees otherwise. I understand that E|SPACES may file suit against me to collect unpaid fees and I consent to the jurisdiction of any Tennessee court of competent jurisdiction in connection with any such litigation. Reserved desk: In exchange for an additional monthly charge determined by E|SPACES I may reserve a particular desk for my exclusive use.

Other Terms

I agree to follow the operating procedures established by E|SPACES: I authorize E|SPACES to sign for registered or certified mail and packages delivered by the U.S. Postal Service and other package and delivery services. I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless E|SPACES, its officers, directors, shareholders and employees from and against any and all claims that may result from my acts or omissions while using E|SPACES facilities and services. This Membership Agreement may be modified or changed by E|SPACES at any time, and I will review it online periodically for changes. E|SPACES will make good faith efforts to notify me of significant changes. E|SPACES agrees to notify me of all changes in fees and their effective date. I am responsible for keeping myself current on other changes in the membership agreement and operating procedures.

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